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          Arch Coal proudly supports education and teaching excellence in the communities we call home.

          Teacher Achievement Awards

          We believe our nation’s success begins in classrooms led by exceptional teachers. That’s why one of our largest community programs in Wyoming and West Virginia is our annual Teacher Achievement Awards. We honor teachers who dare their students to succeed, and then teach them how.

          The Learning Center

          Learn about the origins of coal and how we mine. Find links to board-approved lesson plans that involve students on any level, from K-12.

          Arch Coal proudly supports education and teaching excellence in the communities we call home. We’ve awarded more than $1 million to Arch Coal Teacher Achievement Awardees.

          The Mining Industry

          Brush up on your mining terminology and discover trends in the industry.

          Community Involvement

          We operate active mining complexes in eight states. And the communities where we work and live are very important to us. Our employees show enthusiasm for education through involvement in school adoption, on-site classrooms, and university research sponsorship – just to name a few.